Beginners Introduction to the Assembly Language of ATMEL AVR Microprocessors

Beginners Introduction to the Assembly Language of ATMEL AVR Microprocessors

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Why learning Assembler

Short and easy

Fast and quick

Assembler is easy to learn

AT90Sxxxx are ideal for learning assembler

Test it

Hardware for AVRAssemblerProgramming

The ISP Interface of the AVR processor family

Programmer for the PC Parallel Port

Experimental board with a AT90S2313


commercial programming boards for the AVR family

Tools for AVR assembly programing

The editor

The assembler

Programming the chips

Simulation in the studio


What is a register?

Different registers


Recommendation for the use of registers


What is a Port?

Details of relevant ports in the AVR

The status register as the most used port

Port details


Using SRAM in AVR assembler language

What is SRAM?

For what purposes can I use SRAM?

How to use SR15

Use of SRAM as stack

Defining SRAM as stack

Use of the stac

Bugs with the stack operation

Jumping and Branching

Controlling sequential execution of the program

What happens during a reset?

Linear program execution and branches

Timing during program execution

Macros and program execution


Interrupts and program execution


Number systems in assembler

Positive whole numbers (bytes, words, etc.)

Signed numbers (integers)

Binary Coded Digits, BCD

Packed BCDs

Numbers in ASCII format

Bit manipulations

Shift and rotate

Adding, subtracting and comparing

Format conversion for numbers


Decimal multiplication

Binary multiplication



Binary rotation

Multiplication in the studio


Decimal division

Binary division

Program steps during division

Division in the simulator

Number conversion

Decimal Fractions

Linear conve

Example 1: 8 bit AD converter

with fixed decimal output

Example 2: 10 bit AD converter

with fixed decimal output


Commands sorted by function

Command list in alphabetic order

Assembler directives


Port details

Status Register,

Accumulator flags


SRAM and External Interrupt control

External Interrupt Control

Timer Interrupt Control

Timer/Counter 0

Timer/Counter 1

Watchdog Timer


Serial Peripheral Interface SPI


Analog Comparator

I/O Ports

Ports, alphabetic order

List of abbreviation


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