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Digital Electronics

15 lectures in the Autumn Term

Interfacing techniques for digital systems: synchronous and asynchronous bit-serial transmission; timing constraints arising from setup and hold times; static RAM memories, microprocessor-to-memory interfacing. Sequencing circutry using shift registers and counters; analysis and design of synchronous state machines; timing constraints and glitches. Data conversion: D/A converters for signed and unsigned numbers, current switched R-2R ladder, output deglitching. Flash and successive approximation A/D converters. Sample/hold circuits. Performance criteria for data conversion circuits. Complexity versus delay tradeoffs for adder circuits: performance of alternating bit-inversion, carry-lookahead and carry-skip circuits. Carry-save adder circuit.
Lecture List
Introduction, Notation D-latches + Flipflops, Registers
Interfacing: Synchronous bit-serial
Interfacing: Asynchronous
Interfacing: RAM
State Machines: Shift reg + counters
State Machines: Using counters
State Machines: Analysis + output glitches
State Machines: Synthesis + input synchronization
D/A Conversion: Weighted resistor, R-2R ladder
A/D Conversion: Quantiser noise and Dither, Flash Converters
A/D Conversion: Succ approx, Sample/hold, deglitching
Addition Circuits: Ripple carry, overflow, delay
Addition Circuits: Bit inversion, carry lookahead
Addition Circuits: Carry skip, carry save

Tutorial Questions

There are three tutorial problems for discussion in tutorials that take place in weeks 4/5, 6/7 and 8/9 respectively. [view]
Problem Sheets
Gates, Flipflops, Latches, Propagation Delays [view]
Propagation Delays, Memory Interfacing, Bit-serial reception [view]
Synchronous State Machines, Lookahead counters [view]
Synchronous State Machines [view]
Analog Input and Output [view]
Adder circuits [view]


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