Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook

Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook

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1. Introduction

When to buy energy-efficient motors

Industrial motor population and uses

Annual electric motor sales

2. Energy-Efficient Motor Performance and Price

Motor Losses and Loss Reduction Techniques

Determining and Comparing Motor Efficiencies

Motor Efficienct Testing Standards

Testing Equipment Accuracy Limitations

NEMA Motor Nameplate Labeling Standards

3. How Much Can You Save ?

Understanding your Utility’s Rate Schedule

Determining Load Factor

Determining Operating Hours

Determining Annual Energy Savings

Motor Purchase Prices

Assessing Economic Feasibility

Recommendations for Motor Purchases

4. Obtaining Motor Efficiency Data

5. Energy-Efficient Motor Selection Guidelines

Initial Motor Purchases

Motor Failure and Rewind Scenario

Replacement of Operable Standard-Efficiency Motors

Oversized and Underload Motors

6. Speed, Design Voltage, Enclosure,

Part-load Efficiency, and Power Factor

Sensitifity of Efficiency Gains to Motor RPM

Operating Voltage on Motor Performance

Motor Speed and Enclosure Considerations

Efficiency Improvements at Part-Load Conditions

Power Factor Improvement

7. Motor Operation Under Abnormal Conditions

Over Voltage

Under Voltage

Phase Voltage Imbalance

Load Shedding

8. Motor Selection Considerations

Motor Enclosures

Motor Insulation Systems

Service Factor

Motor Speed,Sip, and Torque Characteristics

9. Additional Benefits of Energy-Efficient Motors

10. Starting Your Motor Improvement Program

11. Energy-Efficient Motors : Twenty Questions and Answers


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