Mechanical Engineering

Elementary Engineering Fracture MechanicsBy David Broek

The Practical Use of Fracture MechanicsBy D. Broek

Fracture Mechanics Solution ManualBy Northam Anderson

Fracture Mechanics An IntroductionBy E. E. Gdoutos

Fracture Mechanics Inverse Problems and SolutionsBy H.D. Bui

Fracture MechanicsBy Nestor Perez

Practical Fracture Mechanics in DesignBy Arun Shukla

Applied Structural and Mechanical VibrationsBy Vittori Ferrari

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: A Practical IntroductionBy Kevin P. Menard

Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Technology By Totten

CRC Handbook of Mechanical EngineeringBy Frank Kreith

Design of Automatic Machinery (Mechanical Engineering)By Stephen J. Derby

Mathematical Methods in Science and EngineeringBy Selcuk Bayin

Process Control Systems: Application, Design, and AdjustmentBy F. Greg

Prandtl's Essentials of Fluid Mechanics

The Combined Finite-Discrete Element MethodBy Ante Munjiza

Gas Turbine Handbook : Principles and Practices / 2nd EditionBy Tony Giampaolo

Tribology in Machine DesignBy Tadeusz Stolarski

Formulas for Stress, Strain, and Structural MatricesBy Walter D. Pilkey

The Complete RobotBy Isaac Asimov


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