Network Protection and Automation Guide (Electrical Power System)

Network Protection and Automation Guide (Electrical Power System)


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File :  pdf, 11.2 MB, 452 pages



Fundamentals of Protection Practice

Fundamental Theory

Fault Calculations

Equivalent Circuits and Parameters of Power System Plant

Current and Voltage Transformers

Relay Technology

Protection: Signaling and Intertripping

Overcorrect Protection for Phase and Earth Faults

Unit Protection of Feeders

Distance Protection

Distance Protection Schemes

Protection of Complex Transmission Circuits


Bus-bar Protection

Transformer and Transformer-Feeder Protection

Generator and Generator-Transformer Protection

Industrial and Commercial Power System Protection

A.C. Motor Protection

Protection of A.C. Electrified Railways

Relay Testing and Commissioning

Power System Measurements

Power Quality

Substation Control and Automation

Distribution System Automation

Appendix 1 Terminology

Appendix 2 ANSI/IEC Relay Symbols

Appendix 3 Application Tables


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