Operation, Maintenance and Repair Auxiliary Generator

Operation, Maintenance and Repair Auxiliary Generator

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1. INTRODUCTION Purpose Scope References Explanation of abbreviations and terms CHAPTER

2. EMERGENCY POWER SYSTEMS Emergency power Types of power generation sources Buildings & enclosures Fuel storage Loads Distribution systems Frequency Grounding Load shedding Components

CHAPTER 3. PRIME MOVERS Mechanical energy Diesel engines Types of diesel engines Diesel fuel system Diesel cooling system Lubrication system Starting system Governor/speed control. Air intake system Exhaust system Service practices Operational trends and engine overhaul Gas turbine engines Gas turbine engine classifications Principles of operation Gas turbine fuel system Gas turbine cooling system Lubrication system Starting system Governor/speed control Compressor Gas turbine service practices

CHAPTER 4. GENERATORS AND EXCITERS Electrical energy Generator operation Types of generators AC generators . Alternator types Design Characteristics of generators. Exciters Characteristics of exciters Field flashing Bearings and lubrication Generator maintenance Insulation testing

CHAPTER 5. SWITCHGEAR Switchgear definition Types of switchgear Low voltage elements Medium voltage elements. Transfer switches Regulators Instrumentation Relays Miscellaneous devices

CHAPTER 6 OPERATING PROCEDURES Requirements Attended stations Unattended stations Nonparalleled stations Paralleled with the electric utility system Paralleled with other generating units Operational testing

CHAPTER 7. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Instructions Prime mover maintenance Generator and exciter maintenance Switchgear maintenance CHAPTER 8. LUBRICATING OIL PURIFICATION Purification systems Forms of contamination Methods of purifying Oil maintenance procedures REFERENCES FUEL AND FUEL STORAGE LUBRICATING OIL COOLING SYSTEMS AND COOLANTS. SAFETY RECORDS DIESEL ENGINES: OPERATION, TIMING, AND TUNING INSTRUCTION.


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