Digital Design Book:

Digital Design Book:

New, updated and expanded topics in the fourth edition include: EBCDIC, Grey code, practical applications of flip-flops, linear and shaft encoders, memory elements and FPGAs. The section on fault-finding has been expanded. A new chapter is dedicated to the interface between digital components and analog voltages.

*A highly accessible, comprehensive and fully up to date digital systems text

*A well known and respected text now revamped for current courses

*Part of the Newnes suite of texts for HND/1st year modules

Table of Contents:

Preface to the fourth edition, p. xii

Acknowledgments, p. xiii

1 - Number systems and codes, pp. 1-27

2 - Boolean algebra, pp. 28-42

3 - Karnaugh maps and function simplification, pp. 43-80

4 - Combinational logic design principles, pp. 81-104

5 - Combinational logic design with MSI circuits, pp. 105-141

6 - Latches and flip-flops, pp. 142-162

7 - Counters and registers, pp. 163-206

8 - Clock-driven sequential circuits, pp. 207-247

9 - Event driven circuits, pp. 248-286

10 - Instrumentation and interfacing, pp. 287-325

11 - Programmable logic devices, pp. 326-366

12 - Arithmetic circuits, pp. 367-407

13 - Fault diagnosis and testing, pp. 408-450

Appendix - Functional logic symbols, pp. 451-466

Answers to problems, pp. 467-497

Bibliography, pp. 498-499

Index, pp. 500-519



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