Presentations and Lectures

Presentations and Lectures


Small Signal Envelope Simulation PESC-03. (Slides)

Current Feedback Amp. (Slides & English audio)

Active Cooling Systems. (Slides & Hebrew audio)

Demystifying The Current Feedback Amplifier (CFA) - Tutorial. (English video)

PZ Tutorial Piazoelectric Transformers. (Slides & English audio)

Piazoelectric Transformers (Power 2005). (Slides & Hebrew audio)

Recent advances in Power Electronics Simulation. (Slides & Hebrew audio)

Simulation Review 2006. (Slides & English audio)

Engineering Education Improvement - E_learning . (Slides & Hebrew audio)

Power Electronics of Piezoelectric Elements . (Slides & Hebrew audio)

Time-Domain Design of Digital Controllers (Power 2007). (Slides & Hebrew audio)

Sine Dimming. (Slides & Hebrew audio)



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