Skin Effect

Skin Effect

These days it is common for audio fans to spend time and money on purchasing ‘high performance’ cables. This area seems to have become immersed in mystery. The purpose of the pages linked below is to provide an analysis of what is often called ‘Skin Effect’ and assess its possible effect (if any) upon audio signals. The choice of materials, etc, is considered. Although the analysis is complex, the results are fairly straight forwards. If you are not familiar with the properties of transmission lines you may find it useful to look at parts 6 and 7 above before reading the pages linked below.

The following five pages deal with the use of “Twin Feeder” used to connect a power amplifier to a loudspeaker.

Basic analysis of ‘Skin Effect’ and types of wire.

An example of Twin Feeder for connecting amplifier and speakers.

The effect of fill factor of stranded wires.

Conductivity and choice of material for wires.

Effects of varying wire diameter and spacing.



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