Basic Network Theory

Basic Network Theory

The library uses the symbol font for some of the notation and formulae. If the symbols for the letters 'alpha beta delta' do not appear here [a b d] then the symbol font needs to be installed before all notation and formulae will be displayed correctly.

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- Ammeter Shunt

- Batteries

- Capacitance

- Capacitances in Parallel

- Capacitances in Series

- Charge Division by Parallel Capacitances

- Compensation Theorem

- Complex Power

- Current Division by Parallel Resistances

- Delta-Star Transformation

- Dielectric Dissipation Factor

- Direct Current Machines

- Efficiency

- Energy

- Fault Calculations

- Harmonic Resonance

- Inductance

- Inductances in Parallel

- Inductances in Series

- Induction Machines

- Impedance

- Instrument Transformers

- Joule's Law

- Kirchhoff's Laws

- Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

- Millman's Theorem

- Mutual Inductance

- Norton's Theorem

- Ohm's Law

- Per-unit System

- Power

- Power Factor

- Power Factor Correction

- Reactance

- Reactive Loads

- Reactors

- Reciprocity Theorem

- Resistance

- Resistances in Parallel

- Resistances in Series

- Resonance

- Star-Delta Transformation

- Superposition Theorem

- Symmetrical Components

- Synchronous Machines

- Temperature Rise

- Thermal Short-time Rating

- Thévenin and Norton Equivalence

- Thévenin's Theorem

- Three Phase Fault Level

- Three Phase Power

- Time Constants

- Transformers

- Voltage Division by Series Capacitances

- Voltage Division by Series Resistances

- Voltmeter Multiplier

- Wheatstone Bridge


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