DC-DC Converters - Literature

DC-DC Converters - Literature

Powering the Next Generation of AMD Opteron™ Processors PDF

Benefits of the DC Bus Converter in Distributed Power Architectures for Networking & Communications Systems PDF

Characterization of Cdv/dt Induced Power Loss in Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converters PDF

VRM Design Optimization for Varying System Requirements PDF

High Accuracy Web Based Simulator for High Current Multi-phase DC-DC Converters PDF
System Accuracy Analysis of the Multiphase Voltage Regulator Module PDF
A Scalable Multiphase Buck Converter with Average Current Share Bus PDF
High Frequency DC-DC Power Conversion: The influence of package parasitics PDF
High Accuracy Web Based Simulator for High Current Multi-phase DC-DC Power Converters PDF
3-Phase Synchronous PWM Controller IC Provides an Integrated Solution for Intel VRM 9.0 Design Guidelines PDF
20V MOSFETs for DC-DC Converters in Desktop Computers and Servers PDF
MOSFET Technology Advances DC-DC Converter Efficiency for Processor Power PDF
CDV/DT Induced Turn-On in Synchronous Buck Regulators PDF


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