Switching power supply circuits -SMPS

12V switching supply

SG3525, Switchmode Preamp Supply For Cars, switch-mode regulator.

12V switching power supply

The design uses a flyback converter topology, with an IRIS4009 as the main switch and control device, pdf file.

180 W PC Main SFX Supply pdf file.

200W ATX PC piower supply

PCs power supply of DTK company. This power supply has ATX design and 200W performance, TL494, Switching regulator, Switching Mode Power Supply Circuit SMPS.

20W, 5V at 4A, step-down regulator LM2577

250 W SMPS with power-FETs 250 W S.M.P.S. with Power FETs.


+30V DC-DC converter

compact DC-DC converter, CD1846P

+30V power supply with +5V 1mA

5-to-1.8V converter works without magnetics

8W, 12V Fluorescent Lamp

8W, 12V Fluorescent Lamp supply, pdf file

90W Flyback power supply unit

PSU, Power Supply Unit circuit, Switching Mode Power Supply Circuit SMPS.

Adjustable Flyback Converter

Adjustable Flyback Converter circuit.

Basic Switching-Regulator-Layout Techniques

DC/AC inverter

the circuit which outputs 100 V of the alternating current from the input of 12 V of the direct current, Switching regulators.

DC-DC Converter Tutorial

Switching power supplies offer higher efficiency than traditional linear power supplies. They can step-up, step-down, and invert. Some designs can isolate output voltage from the input. This article outlines the different types of switching regulators used in DC-DC conversion.

DC-DC step-up converter

DC/DC Converter Adjustable and Fixed 5V, 12V, Operates at Supply Voltages from 1V to 30V, pdf file.

DC-DC step-up converter

LM2622 - 600kHz/1.3MHz Step-up PWM DC/DC Converter.

DC-DC converter to step up input voltage

Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Lamp

Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Lamp power supply, pdf file.

Flash Gun Inverter using Super E-Line Bipolar Transistors

Flash Gun Inverter using Super E-Line Bipolar Transistors, pdf file.

Flyback driver schematics

Super flyback driver schematics.

Generating -5 volts from a 9 volt battery 555.

High Voltage Generation for Xenon Tube Applications

High Voltage Generation for Xenon Tube Applications, pdf file.

How to Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply

Ignition Coil \ Flyback Transformer Based high voltage generators

Basics of flyback \ ignition coil circuits, Flyback Circuits, Suitable switching transistors, High Voltage Diodes, pdf file.

LM265 switching regulator

switching regulator power supply with the LM265, pdf file.

MOSFET Flyback Power Supply

MOSFET Flyback Power Supply, pdf file.

Self Oscillating 25W CFL Lamp Circuit pdf file.

Self switching Power Supply

Short circuit protected power supply from PC 12V supply voltage

This circuit provides a short circuit protected power supply from PC 12V supply voltage. This is particularly handy when working with PC interfacing projects.

Snubber Circuits Suppress Voltage Transient Spikes in Multiple Output DC-DC Flyback Converter Power Supplies

Stabilised power unit
switching regulator circuit, maximum of 4 A.

Step-Down Voltage Regulator
LM2575, 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator.


Step-up converter (MC34063A)

Step-Up Voltage Regulator

LM2577 , Step-Up Voltage Regulator.

Switching Regulator Circuit Collection

Switching Regulator Circuit Collection, pdf file.

Switch mode power supply for SVGA monitor

Switch mode power supply circuit for SVGA monitor, Gif file.

Switching power supply

regulated current 4 A, and voltage 0 V - 40 V.

Switching power supply circuits

regulators, battery chargers, ..., pdf file.

Switching Power Supply Regulator with LM2596

3.3V, 5V, 12V, and adjustable output versions, 3A.

The Use of QFETs in a Flyback Converter pdf file

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