An Analog Electronics Companion -The Basic Circuit Design for Engineers and Scientists

Intended for electronicists and for engineers and scientists who have to get involved in circuit design. From mature designers who may have forgotten techniques or who trained before the days of circuit simulation, to neophytes seeking to widen their horizon. A series of largely self-contained essays that may be dipped into at any point. Encourages analysis of circuits supported by simulation to confirm and extend understanding. Includes a CD containing the student version of the powerful and fully functional simulation package PSpice, limited only in the size of circuit it will accept. Includes ready to run schematics for all the applications discussed.

The first three parts of the book cover the maths and physics needed to understand circuit function, analysis and design. Part 4 examines some basic circuit components with reference to their physical and simulation properties. The final and largest part examines the design and function of a wide range of analog systems, using simulation to demonstrate the relationship between analysis and performance. Many references to the literature and to the web are provided throughout to allow ready access to further information.



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