Replacing your INVERTER + SMPS with DUPS.... Why and How?

Replacing your INVERTER + SMPS with DUPS J Why and How?

A DUPS (DC Un-interruptible Power Supply) is actually a power supply (mostly SMPS) with battery backup. The backup involves either a battery placed across the output of this power supply or a high frequency dc-dc converter embedded within the SMPS. In any case, this system does not have double conversion when powered by an electric utility, so it avoids expensive sine wave generation. Its overall efficiency while on utility power is continuously 75% to 80%, as opposed to 56% to 60% for a UPS-SMPS combination. More importantly, the overall price is only 10% to 20% higher than the price of a standard SMPS. As such, it provides backup at a fraction of the cost of an ac UPS, and the electricity consumption cost for the years of service is much smaller.

Due to its higher efficiency, a DUPS also requires less battery capacity than a standard ac UPS. In the DUPS, you can accomplish battery backup in a variety of ways — some direct and simple, and some more complex. Let's focus on these methods, starting with those not requiring conversion.

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