C Programming for Embedded Systems

This book provides a complete intermediate-level discussion of microcontroller programming using the C programming language. It covers both the adaptations to C necessary for targeting an embedded environment, and the common components of a successful development project.

C is the language of choice for programming larger microcontrollers (MCU), those based on 32-bit cores. These parts are often derived from their general-purpose counterparts, and are both as complex and feature-rich. As a result, C (and C++) compilers are necessary and readily available for these MCUs.


In contrast, designers who have chosen to use 8-bit controllers have usually resorted to hand-coding in assembly language. While manual assembly programming for precise control will never go out of style, neither will the push to reduce costs. There are advantages in compiling high-level C language to even the limited resources of an 8-bit MCU.


Automatic generation of code for repetitive coding tasks, such as arithmetic for 16-bit or longer data types.






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