Programming 32-bit Microcontrollers in C, Exploring the PIC32

This book is meant for programmers of a basic to intermediate level of experience, but not for "absolute" beginners; so don't expect me to start with the basics of the binary numbers, the hexadecimal notation or the fundamentals of programming. Although, we will briefly review the basics of C programming as it relates to the applications for the latest generation of general-purpose 32-bit microcontrollers, before moving on to more challenging projects. My assumption is that you, the reader, belong to one of the following four categories:


  • Embedded Control programmer: experienced in assembly-language microcontrollers programming, but with only a basic understanding of the C language.
  • PIC® microcontroller expert: with a basic understanding of the C language.
  • Student or professional: with some knowledge of C (or C++) programming for PCs.
  • Other SLF (superior life forms): I know programmers don't like to be classified that easily so I created this special category just for you!




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