WiFi Home Networking – 2003 – By Raymond Smith

When I first heard of wireless computer networking in 1998, I scratched my head and wondered, "Why would anyone want to do that?" At the time, radio-attached terminals were restricted to special niches such as warehousing, inventory control, or medical applications that required mobility.

One vendor's equipment wouldn't work with another's, and by today's standards, it was terribly slow. I had no idea in those days that the industry would expand into what it has become. Since then, wireless Ethernet networking has evolved from a niche into a necessity. Affordable Internet access has become widely available to homes and businesses thanks to DSL and cable modems. Laptops have increasingly become a standard tool for doing business. Today's users are more accustomed to having a computer at hand wherever they may be, perhaps literally in hand, with the recent development of PDAs and the steady proliferation of cell phones. Wi-Fi is a logical extension of that. It has brought users ever closer to the data they crave, as our economy and society become more and more information oriented. Wi-Fi has changed the way we do business. It will change the way we live.




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